Move over, gift cards: Digital gifting is here

Giving and receiving gifts online is an exciting experience that is user-friendly with added benefits
Cassidy Dawes Graves
Cassidy at SmartGift
November 7th 2019Nov 7, 2019

When you were in a rush to get a gift for someone, or needed a gift for someone you don't know very well, the easiest answer was usually a gift card. They’re simple, flexible, and leave the real decision-making up to the recipient. However, as times change and gifting technology advances, it appears the humble gift card isn’t as prized as it once was.

According to a study by CEB TowerGroup reported in MarketWatch, a whopping $1 billion of gift cards go unspent every year.

“There’s nothing worse than having a bunch of gift cards in your pocket you aren’t going to use,” Eddie Alberty, VP of strategic partnerships at Market America and, told MarketWatch. This phenomenon of wasted money has even led to apps aiming to help consumers sell their unwanted cards to others.

Gift cards can undoubtedly be handy, but they can also be impersonal and inconvenient. Even debit gift cards, which seem closest to cash, aren’t accepted everywhere and can be tricky to use in full without leaving a few bucks in the digital void. Additionally, there’s always the potential for hidden fees to strike—some cards even charge you for not using them immediately.

Gift-based holidays can make some people feel stressed and pressured to get at least something for everyone on their list, which is why easy options like gift cards can be appealing. But there are plenty of ways to find gifts that feel thoughtful and personal without breaking the bank or being too time-consuming. SmartGift works with a range of retailers, from Kendra Scott to Under Armour, enabling people to send personalized digital gifts to their loved ones instantly.

Unlike just selecting and shipping an item as a gift, SmartGift gives the recipient a unique amount of flexibility. Wish that necklace was a different color, or that blouse a size up? SmartGift has you covered. And if the recipient doesn’t totally love their gift, they can swap it out for an alternate item of the same value a similarly-priced item from that retailer just as easily, without the hassle of going through the returns process.