Bridge the generation gap with a digital gift

New advances in digital gifting make it easy for people of all ages to send and receive meaningful items without learning complicated technology.
Cassidy Dawes Graves
Cassidy at SmartGift
November 14th 2019Nov 14, 2019

Between the ever-changing nature of social media and keeping track of the difference between a millennial and a zoomer, the generational gap seems more alive than ever. This can feel particularly present during the holiday season, when everyone comes together and exchanges gifts. From navigating the world of online shopping to figuring out what exactly your college-age daughter wants this year, it all can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

It may seem like you’re stuck with two gifting extremes nowadays: give cash or a gift card and risk seeming impersonal, or give an item that could very well miss the mark. After all, no one likes unwrapping something they’re not thrilled about and putting on a happy face, all while knowing it’ll eventually go in a donation pile. Fortunately, new advances in digital gifting like SmartGift are making it easy for people of all ages to exchange meaningful items without learning overly complicated technology.

Today’s online shopping landscape can include options like apps and mobile wallets, but using SmartGift doesn’t require downloading anything new. Simply browse through options on a brand's website or our SmartGift store, and when you’ve found something that seems like a match, click “send as a gift.” Then, enter the recipient's information and a gift message. Next, you’re able to send your gift digitally any way you like, which is handy if your uncle prefers email but your best friend loves to text. When the recipient opens it, they fill in their preferred mailing address and the gift gets shipped off.

SmartGift partners with a wide range of retailers, which means you can find something appealing no matter if you’re shopping for a teen boy or your favorite grandma. Places like Under Armour offer athletic wear that are useful for both the sports fanatic and occasional exerciser, while B&H Photo and Video can come in handy for the aspiring (or established) filmmaker in your life. Your fashion enthusiast stepdaughter might enjoy a new addition to her wardrobe from Kendra Scott or Express, and if you’d like to send a sweet snack to a beloved teacher or mentor, places like Simply Chocolate and The Popcorn Factory have got you covered.

When the recipient gets their digital gift, they’re able to choose the size and color that’s best for them, so you can avoid the disappointment of getting a gift that would be perfect if it weren’t the wrong size. Better yet, they can even choose another item of the same price if they’re not over the moon about your selection.

Digital gifting provides a simple and user-friendly way to brighten someone’s day for holidays, birthdays, or just because, all while providing enough customization and flexibility to please even someone whose interests you don’t quite understand.