Digital gifting takes the stress out of last-minute presents

Done in the comfort of your own home, the simplicity and customizable nature of digital gifting makes last-minute gift anxiety a thing of the past.
Cassidy Dawes Graves
Cassidy at SmartGift
November 21st 2019Nov 21, 2019

Though they’re meant to be a time of relaxation and joy, the holidays can also be a time of stress, particularly when it comes to gifts. Even WebMD acknowledges "holiday gift anxiety" as a real and prevalent issue for many people. Indeed, there are many reasons a gift-based holiday might cause one’s blood pressure to rise: you have to remember everyone you need to get gifts for, find the perfect thing for all of them without breaking the bank, and do it all by a certain day.

With so much to do during the holidays on top of a bustling work and home life, it’s unsusprising that some people find themselves down to the wire with a big meal to cook, kids to keep busy, and five people still left to buy gifts for. It could make you want to throw in the towel entirely. But there are ways to make this process simple and satisfying, like the convenience of digital gifting.

One of the biggest ways last-minute gifting can be stressful is the amount of time and effort involved in looking for something your loved ones will actually like. This could involve driving to crowded stores in the midst of traffic and packed parking lots, dealing with items selling out, or staying up all night trying to figure out what websites have the best deals—but it doesn’t have to.

Digital gifting platforms such as SmartGift work with a diverse yet contained range of retailers, giving you the chance to satisfy everyone on your list without getting overwhelmed by options. Without having to leave the comfort of your home, simply explore hand-picked suggestions from places like Kendra Scott, Under Armour, Express, Tumi, and more until something catches your eye. Click “send as a gift,” and virtually deliver your gift through text, email, or social media.

Plus, even if your gift ends up a less-than-perfect match when the recipient opens it, they won’t be left high and dry. They have the option to choose another size, color, or even another item entirely, as long as it’s from that retailer and priced the same. With a little help from digital gifting, last-minute woes can be a thing of the past.