For higher brand exposure, let the consumer explore

Peer-to-peer gifting can help both the sender and recipient of a gift get to know a brand better.
Cassidy Dawes Graves
Cassidy at SmartGift
December 5th 2019Dec 5, 2019

Holiday gifts start out anonymous, their true nature concealed by colorful wrapping paper and large bows. Once a gift is unwrapped, the recipient will probably be more focused on the actual item rather than the store it came from. However, there are ways to approach gifting that ensure both the sender and recipient stay familiar with the brands that brought them joy, even after the holidays come to an end.

Peer-to-peer transactions—when two people send money directly to each other using a service that facilitates the exchange—have become more popular than ever with the advent of money-sending apps like Venmo, CashApp, and Zelle. At the same time, P2P gifting is also on the rise, thanks to platforms like SmartGift.

SmartGift facilitates digital gifting between two people by partnering with retailers, allowing customers to gift products in the form of a link sent to the recipient via email, text, or social media. Once the recipient opens it, they can customize it with their preferred color and size, and even swap it out for another item of the same price if they’re not totally in love with the Christmas gift, Mother’s Day gift, or other item they’ve received. This process not only creates a personalized gift, it also gives both the sender and recipient the chance to spend time familiarizing themselves with the brand that made it all happen.

Whether your customer base needs gifts for mom, grandpa, or their kid’s favorite teacher, consider the benefits digital gifting can bring. When a gift recipient explores the various colors and styles their new necklace can come in, or browses through a store’s catalog to see if they want to swap that gourmet preserves set out for something like a seasonal coffee collection, they get a much broader look at the brand their gift came from and all the other unique gifts and products it has to offer. That way, the next time they need to do some shopping of their own, whether it be for the holidays or for themselves, they’ll know what store to turn to.