22 Hanukkah Gift Ideas for 8 Nights of Celebration

Discover the right gifts to make the Festival of Lights even more joyous.
Gauraa at SmartGift
November 17th 2021Nov 17, 2021

Hanukkah is just around the corner — and while the eight day celebration isn’t historically rooted in gifting, eight days of presents has become a commonplace and beloved tradition associated with the holiday.

When is Hanukkah?

Unlike Christmas or New Year’s Day, Hanukkah lands on a different day each year and lasts for eight nights. This year, the Festival of Lights begins shortly after Thanksgiving, and runs from November 28 to December 6.

History of Hanukkah — What Does Hanukkah Celebrate?

Because Hanukkah — meaning “to dedicate” — is celebrated around the same time as Christmas, it is often viewed as the Jewish equivalent of Christmas — however, the festival has a rich and storied history that runs much deeper than the comparison. Hanukkah commemorates the success of the revolution led by the Maccabees against their Syrian-Green oppressors, and the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem during the 2nd century BCE.

What the Hanukkah story tells us: in the aftermath of the revolt, the temple only had enough oil for one nightly ritual of lighting the menorah. But a miracle allowed that small amount of oil to last for eight full days, giving worshippers enough time to acquire more.

How to Celebrate Hanukkah

Of course, celebrating Hanukkah isn’t just about presents — it’s about cherishing history, traditions, and family time.

In the present day, Hanukkah is observed by friends and family gathering together to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness by lighting candles for eight nights and enjoying festive Hanukkah traditions such as lighting the the Hanukkah menorah (or hanukkiyah), putting up Hanukkah decorations, playing Hanukkah dreidel, eating fried foods like latkes and jelly donuts, and exchanging gifts.

While many may choose to exchange small gifts on all eight nights of Hanukkah, some might opt for a single, splurge-worthy present instead. Whichever route you choose, there’s no particular way to go about Hanukkah gifts. To make it easy for you, we’ve compiled gift ideas for everyone on your list!

Bring in the first night of Hanukkah with a festive meal. Send your loved ones a pair of braided Challah loaves to pair with delicious and traditional Hanukkah foods like matzo ball soup or a roasted beets salad.

Aiming to send them a little something for each night of Hanukkah? Give them delectable treats in a Star of David gift box. They’ll open the artfully-constructed container — designed with Hanukkah symbols in mind — to reveal delicious goodies like pears, rugelach, blondies, Jordan almonds, and chocolate gelt coins — making it an excellent family-friendly choice.

Send loved ones a kosher Hanukkah gift basket from Harry & David. Complete with succulent pears, seasonal apples, Jordan almonds, and dried fruit — these gourmet delights can be enjoyed on their own or as part of their favorite Hanukkah recipes: simply cut and serve apples with honey, or blend apples to a sauce and serve with a plate of warm latkes.

Looking for an alternative to Manischewitz this year? Give them one of these festive wine gift baskets — with crackers, cherry pepper toppings, chocolates, and other handcrafted munchables, they’ll pair excellently with an adult Hanukkah dinner.

Let’s not forget our favorite Hanukkah desserts — send them a box of perfectly flaky, cinnamon-infused rugelach, scones with exceptional hamantaschen in both raspberry and apricot flavors, or an assortment of Hanukkah cookies from Cheryl’s.

Hanukkah candles are lit on the menorah to spread light to others, which is why they’re traditionally placed in a window, on a table, or outside doors. But that’s not to say you can’t send them candles to bring Hanukkah light to other aspects of their home. This year, give them the gift of light with large tumbler candles or small votives to brighten up other aspects of their interiors.

Send your brother or father Hanukkah wishes with a Hanukkah sweater — these cashmere-blend crewnecks from vineyard vines will bring them comfort, warmth, and style with a cool modern touch.

Keep your mother or sister dressed to the nines with Hanukkah shirts for the season. Plus, with relaxed fits and curved hemlines, these elegant tops transition exceptionally well from work to dinner.

Keep the little people in your life snug and dressed for the occasion with festive outfits from Hanna Andersson!

Ensure the adults in your life are cozy, too — send them Hanukkah pajamas to lounge around in after a big meal. With an encased stretch waist, they offer especially generous fits to help you through the holiday season.

The start of Hanukkah is a special and auspicious time of the year. Make a splash with a touch of sparkle — send them heirloom jewelry from Pandora, Brilliant Earth, Kendra Scott, and Brighton to help your loved ones start their Hanukkah celebrations in style.

From all of us at SmartGift, happy Hanukkah!