16 Gift Ideas Unique Enough for Scorpios

This gift guide has all the dark colors and unconventional accessories a Scorpio could need.
Cassidy Dawes Graves
Cassidy at SmartGift
November 2nd 2020Nov 2, 2020

The end of October brings not only Halloween spookiness, but also the start of Scorpio season. Known as one of the more intense and mysterious zodiac signs, Scorpios have their time of year from about October 23rd to November 21st. Passionate, sensual, and loyal, Scorpios can be tough to get to know at first—some may even call them intimidating. But once you get on that scorpion’s good side, you’ll find a fascinating, intellectual, and devoted friend.

If your favorite Scorpio’s birthday is coming up (or you want to get them something just because), don’t stress. A scorpion may seem difficult to please, but if you find the right gift, their appreciation will be endless.

Though they don’t always mean to give off an intimidating vibe, Scorpios do tend to gravitate towards edgier styles. Make your favorite Scorpio feel seen with a gift that’s right up their aesthetic alley. You can't go wrong with these classic closet staples.

Boots, particularly sturdy black ones, are a common wardrobe staple for a Scorpio. If their current pair is getting dingy, why not give them an upgrade?

For a more feminine silhouette, treat them to these fashionable clothing pieces perfect for the Scorpio aesthetic.

If you prefer to leave the clothes shopping to them, send them a leather protector balm. It’ll keep their favorite boots, bag, or jacket in pristine condition.

Accessories are important to a Scorpio. They allow them to express themselves in unique and specific ways. These jewelry pieces encompass every side of the Scorpio style, perfect for any outfit.

If the Scorpio in your life prefers to accessorize their home, a new set of pillow cases and bed sheets will do the trick. They’re practical and bring a sophisticated, cozy darkness to their bedroom.

Scorpios have a way of getting themselves noticed, but they don’t always want to be the center of attention. Solitude is very important to a Scorpio. Help them relax and wind down with a candle and a basket of treats to snack on—perfect for the coming winter.