20 Gift Ideas to Show the Interns They’re Appreciated

Invest more time and resources into the future workforce this National Intern Day.
Gauraa at SmartGift
July 21st 2021Jul 21, 2021

Long gone are the days of coffee-fetching and cabinet-organizing—internships have evolved to have verifiable responsibilities, and are considered to be an important touchstone for college students and young professionals today.

A key component of company culture, internship programs offer valuable experience. For many, it might even be their first brush with their selected career path and industry. Interns work tirelessly under pressure to assist and support you—why not show them they are a valued part of the organization this National Intern Day? Remember: by fostering appreciation and fair treatment for junior positions, you will be creating a more open-minded and forward-thinking workplace.

As we approach fall 2021 and the end of summer internships, send your intern a gift as a token of thanks. Whether it’s a virtual internship, an onsite position, full time or part time, they’ll appreciate feeling valued for their hard work.

Office plants are known creativity-boosters. According to a study conducted by Texas A&M University, having live plants at the desk can boost creativity by a whopping 15%. Gift your intern something green they can grow and tend to, like an orchid or a set of succulents, and they’re likely to feel more inspired at work.

The snake plant purifies air by absorbing toxins and letting out oxygen through its leaves. Not only is it great for people who suffer from allergies, but it’s a natural stress mitigator for everyone within its proximity.

Soothing and relaxing, candles make a great gift for your interns. They add flair to the office desk and bring a sense of serenity that can appease internal conflicts even when unlit.

Research shows that creative office design can enhance productivity. Gift your interns a one-of-a-kind ornamental photo frame that’ll accent and add character to their work space while making them feel more at home.

Internships are often a first step into a long career, and what better way to demonstrate your belief in young professionals than by giving them a stunning case for their future contacts in the industry?

As internship programs proliferate, the age of interns continues to skew younger and younger. Today, even summer internships for high school students are increasingly recommended. Whether your interns are in high school, college, or grad school, chances are they are just starting out, and would appreciate a luxurious meal or box of scrumptious sweets they wouldn’t normally splurge on for themselves.

Many, if not most, summer and fall internships have taken place online over the past year. If you’ve hosted remote internships during this time, sending a thank you box of treats adds a personal touch to your relationship and helps re-establish the very importance of internship.

Nothing says internship goals better than the gift of caffeine. With elegant packaging and a vast range of options, these caffeinated gift boxes are a thoughtful gesture your sleep-deprived interns are guaranteed to appreciate.

As the American workplace re-opens, many online internships will transition back to in-person experiences. Gift your interns a durable laptop backpack to reward them for their hard work—sturdy and utilitarian, it’ll be of great use to them as they pursue future job and internship opportunities.

The benefits of internships are seemingly endless: an improved résumé, an edge in the job market; access to a new network of professionals in a career field. But so often the work of an intern can go unacknowledged, leaving them to internalize any hardships they’ve faced along the course. A gift ensures that their internship experience ends on a positive note.

If your interns are approaching the end of their unpaid internships, it’s especially important to thank them for their labor with a gift. This National Intern Day, set goals and standards the rest of the industry will have to uphold.

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