Own the gift journey, from selection to seamless checkout

Send with SmartGift allows any shopper to send the perfect gift, which means: eliminating gift returns and organically expanding your brand’s reach.

Send with SmartGift


Deliver delight through a branded gift experience

Every Send with SmartGift experience is designed to be an extension of your website and brand. Our designers work with your team to ensure the experience is on brand, start to finish.


Expand your customer funnel with gifting

By inviting gift recipients into the purchase journey, they actively engage with your brand and catalog in the context of a fun, gift-getting experience.


Capture post-shipping cut-off revenue

The immediacy of receiving SmartGifts instantly through text, email, or any communication channel eliminates post-shipping cut-off constraints and allows for same-day gifting.


Make every gift a frictionless path to purchase

Remove gift purchase inhibition
Every SmartGift gives recipients the gift of choice by allowing them to confirm their preferred delivery address, item, size, color, or attribute specific to your catalog.
Empower everyone with the gift of choice
We take the hassle out of gifting by curating gift collections for you to choose from and letting recipients swap across catalogs to ensure every gift is perfect.
Reduce bad gifts, increase sustainability
When SmartGifts eliminate gift returns and all the waste associated with them, it dramatically reduces your brand’s emission footprint at every point in the supply chain.
Gain insights through analytics
The data behind every SmartGift is fed into your own analytics to provide you insights into products with the most gift intent by demographics, location, age and more.
Give your team an easy win
Our experience is layered on top of your normal purchase journey. Shoppers are always taken back to your checkout to complete the purchase, no gift card rails needed.
Integrate into any platform
Regardless if your eCommerce store is on Shopify, Demandware, Hybris, Oracle, Shopify+, or even if it’s custom-built—we make set-up effortless.
Take gifting international
Want to grow with gifting anywhere in the world? Internationalizing your SmartGift experience is as simple as providing translations.
Sid Keswani
Consumer Gifting Customer
“We always start everything from a customer viewpoint. And literally you can pick and choose a gift and send it with SmartGift in under ten minutes. It keeps it simple.”

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